Windows 10 – Tweaks for Audio Production & Realtime Audio

[work in progress…]

1 Basic Tweaks for Audio Production

1.1 Energy Settings

Deavtivate all energy saving options. See:

1.2 Disconnect from all networks

  1. An active network connection is always causing things to do for the operating system.
  2. A lot of tasks from the Task Scheduler only start with an active network connection. I don’t need any Windows maintenance stuff while I am working. To completely stop all tasks temporary see 2.1 Task Scheduler / Aufgabenplanung.

1.3 Deactivate Network Devices in Device Manager

Operating System is still doing stuff with the Network Drivers? Let’s deactivate the network devices and let’s write a script…

1.4 Prozessorzeitplanung / Hintergrunddienste


1.5 A seperate Harddisk Volume for Audio Data & Deactivating Search Indexing


2 Tweaks for Realtime Audio Processing

2.1 Task Scheduler / Aufgabenplanung

“Hey Windows, please stop doing maintenance stuff while I am performing live on stage!”

It would be nice to stop Task Scheduler temporary. But that’s not possible. A lot of tasks only start with an active network connection. So a basic step would be to disconnect from all networks. But it should be possible to write a script which deactivates all active/ready tasks and reactivates them again.

3 Analysis of Computer Performance

LatencyMon –

The LatencyMon software analyzes and identifies which device, driver or service is causing audio dropouts or errors.


4 Online Resources

Native Instruments – Windows Optimierungs-Tipps für die Audioverarbeitung –